The future of mobile phones

Over the past decade or so, the various brands of smart phones have acquired the same type of form factor. When we think of a smart phone these days we think of a set of expected attributes. A large touchscreen is the norm, set into a rigid hand-held device with a mini-keyboard below the screen. […]

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iPad facts

iPod Facts in a Nutshell

If you are asking the question what is the iPod, it is a portable media player created by Apple. The first model was released in November 2001, and there are currently four versions available: the hard drive-based iPod classic, the touch screen iPod touch, the compact iPod Nano and the ultra-compact iPod shuffle.   Overview […]

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Enrich your lifestyle with Tablet

Tablets Can Make Your Life Smooth To Cope Up With The Advanced Lifestyle

  The tablet is one of the hottest inventions in the world of latest technology. Presently, in the android market, tablet is gaining a wide popularity especially because of its features and smart looks. The demand of tablets is growing in the market. In comparison to iPad, tablets are more popular and they are quite […]

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Why iPhone Spy App is so important for you and how you can use it

You must be thinking that what kind of app is this? I hope so it's the first time you are getting familiar with this app. To give you some basic idea, just read out these points:  Are you threatened by the fear of losing your data on your iPhone?  Are you worried about your children […]

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How to factory reset iPhone 5 to default settings

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 apple seems to have strengthen its grip on the smartphone market, and its showing no signs of slowing down. The new iPhone gives a lot better account of apple when comparing it with the Samsung galaxy series. Although the feature are pretty much the same apart from […]

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Andorid USSD hack

How to prevent Android mobile from the Dirty USSD hack with X-Ray App

If your are using an Android device that runs on anything less than Android 4.1.x, then you are under serious threat from the Dirty USSD hack. This hack uses the Android dialer to involuntarily "call" a USSD code, which can be spread through legal looking URL’s, an NFC attack, or a nasty QR code. The […]

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4 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

  Browsing the Internet has become quite the pastime in the digital age. After all, much of how we interact and access and share information is based online. But when it comes to browsing the web, one thing that can really hamper the experience is a slow Internet connection. To prevent sluggish web surfing, use […]

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